Mujhe maaf karna

After 1year and 10 days of being married, my wife decides that it has been long since she last visited her folks and that she will go and stay for like 4 days. Now after being married for just an year, a couple will always feel like stopping time then and there so that the two may not be apart for even a second. But after a 7 years of relationship (including 1 year of being married) I still felt the same. Right from the morning I was lost and you know that you are too lost when all you do is listen to slow songs (Meri Aashiqui tum hi ho, Mera mann, sun raha hai na tu and list goes on and on and on) and you just cannot snap out of it. Still I tried to make sure that since its equally hard for her too, I will try and stay strong and bid her a happy good bye.

And when she was boarding the train she was smiling and I thought well, this went well. No girly emotions from my side :P , but then she handed me a piece of paper with a beautiful poem written. When i started reading it I was outside looking at her through the glass window and it made me realized that its not just my love that kept on increasing over these 7 years, but it was mutual. It was beautiful to realize that with each passing day, these small gestures makes me feel like falling in love with her all over again.

Here is the poem she wrote:

Agar main hadh se guzar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Tere dil mein utar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Yun hi gussey mein aakar daant dena,
Toh meri aadat hai

Agar aisa main kar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Raaste mein tujhe dekh kar,
Tere deedar ke khatir

Pal bhar ke liye theher jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Teri pal bhar ki judai,
Mujhe jeene nahi deti

Tere bin jo mar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna. <3 <3


Keep the romance alive

Hi Everyone

I’m writing after a long long time and like always I will try and keep writing regularly, though given my past writing habits, I don’t believe this myself either.

Anyways, I am writing today because I thought since I am married now, and many more friends of mine will be (have been) married too, I think this can be a nice time to discuss about the romantic things we do for our bf/gf or husband/wife. I’ll start by telling something that I started last year just before getting married (like 3-4) months and continued till our marriage. Continue reading…


XCode and TFS integration in 8 simple steps

After 2 years away from my blog, I will try and write a post which I expect will help people in my office as well as other around the globe. It all began when I saw that XCode has an option for code comparisons and status of the files but it was not usable with TFS and using eclipse was just too “tidy”. You will have to keep track of the files to checkout for edit, keep track of files to add so you dont miss it in checkin etc. So here I present to you an easier way (GIT-TF).

Step 1) Download git-tf from the following link

Step 2) Unzip it in some folder on your local disk. Let us call the folder git-tf (because I have it by the same name on my system) for my ease :)

Step 3) Now you need to clone your TFS code to your local folder. So suppose you are working on some module and its code is mapped to a folder “XTensions/abc” (it is important that you have it mapped using eclipse like you normally do) then you now need to clone it using git-tf. To do that, first delete the folder “abc” in XTensions. Then go to terminal and write the following commands: (replace paths with your own disk path wherever necessary)

pushd /Users/satinderrana/Documents/SomeArbitaryPath/XTensions/
git-tf clone http://myserver:8080/tfs/mycollection $/TeamProjectA/XTensions/abc


If the above commands give you error that you cannot connect to tfs due to proxy, then turn off the proxy, relaunch terminal and try again.

Step 4) Now when you work on any file and change it, it will display its status as “M” if it modified. “A” if it is added etc. See the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2

Step 5) You can also choose to see only the files which have changes by filtering it by the button at the bottom

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2


Step 6) You are all set now. So when you are done making changes just checkout the files which have some status “Modified” or “added” etc and checkin the files using eclipse like before.

Step 7) Updating your code. The most important and tricky part is this. When you need to update your code (get latest code), all you need to do is go to eclipse and choose “get latest version” like you must be doing right now. But after that come back to xcode, enable the filter to see what all has changed (changed files will have some status) and then right click > choose “committ selected files” from contet menu. See below.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2


Then add any comment you want, I usually write “Merging changes from <branch name>”. And your code is updated

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2


Step 8) Lastly, if you are working on the file and you need to check what changes you have made. you can do that from within XCode now. Just use the last button in toolbar below

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.00.00 PM



Here you go. Let me know if you need help with anything in the comment section below. Happy coding. :)



So I have finally finished my second chrome extension. This post might seem a little geeky. Actually, its all geeky stuff :P

I heard about this chrome extension which updates your Google+ stream with updates from your FB news feed. I like the idea a lot but before installing it I came to know that the extension was extracting sensitive data without permission of the user. A little heartbroken I wondered if there is something better on the internet. (Un)fortunately I was not able to find anything. Therefore I decided to make my own extension to do this :) and Voila, here I am with it.

So here is a quick look at what I developed. You install the chrome extension:

And then I opened google+ to make it work. ;)

Might not interest many but for the developer, its “AWESOME” :D


Turn Google+ into FB

People have been talking about the new social network from Google, Google+. Many people believe it to be a replica of Facebook. On the other hand, die hard fan of Google technology see it as a promising social network with better user interactions.

I believe that both opinions are correct. And its not wrong of Google to copy FB. 5 billion users are now used to the interface provided by FB and they expect any new social network to build upon the existing framework. Therefore, I justify this step taken by Google+.

Also, they have introduced more features like Hangout and Circles to make G+ stand out. Till the time users do not start using these features they will not be able to understand the difference.

Anyways, coming back to the intention of the post, if you want to try out G+ but still want to feel familiar, try these steps to change the G+ style to FB.

1) Install “stylish” extension for Firefox or Chrome

2) Install the “stylish script” to convert G+ to FB from this link

Refresh the G+ page and you are ready to go. :)


Google +

I am still waiting for the invite to google+ but I have read about it and thought I should share this with others. The below post is from Gigaom. Hope I get the invite for this soon. Enjoy the read.

Google launched its much awaited and highly anticipated social networking platform today to a limited number of users. Dubbed Google+ (Plus), the service may take its cue from social networking giant Facebook, but in the end it is about the harsh reality of Google saving and enhancing its core franchise — Google Search. It is search (and, by extension, advertising) that made Google a company that has run afoul of the Federal Trade Commission because of its huge size and influence.

At the time of Google’s founding, search was broadly defined as a sifting through a directory of websites. As the web grew, search became all about pages. Google, with its PageRank, came to dominate that evolution of search.

Today, search is not just about pages, but also about people and the relevance of information to them.

Google’s senior executives — long dismissive of the idea of importance of social to search — were contrite during their briefing earlier this week. “It is about time we have come to the realization,” said Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product with Google, “If you don’t know people, then you can’t organize the information for people.”

Google’s realization — however late – that it needs to use social, location and other signals to enhance its core search platform is welcome. “Google needs to understand these relationships and basically use those to make search better,” said Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president for Social in an hour-long briefing earlier this week.

Why? Because the the internet (and information) are expanding with such rapidity that there is no room for assumptions, and as such our systems need to adapt to this world of no (or alternatively infinite) assumptions. Google needs to adapt, and getting social and location signals is important for the company. Search is now search relevant to you in the context of your world — and that is where Google+ comes in.

What is Google Plus?

Is Google+ a destination like Is it a social network? Is this an identity play? The answer to those questions is yes and no. Google’s Gundotra said that this is the first step by the company in its long social journey, which is going to evolve.

Today, you can get to Google Plus by visiting a website – But it also travels with you across different Google web properties, thanks to a Google Toolbar. The toolbar is personal to you and allows you to share and send photos, videos, links or just simple messages. A notification icon informs you if others have shared stuff with you.

Google, Gundotra says, has leveraged its infrastructure to offer an array of services, and at the same time the company is attacking Facebook’s noticeable shortcoming — granular privacy that average folks can understand. More importantly it is trying hard to not be compared with Facebook.

Continue reading…


Pehla hi toh hai :)

Its a beautiful day outside and I heard this song while I was driving to office. It is one of those songs which touch your heart if you are deeply in love. The music, the lyrics, the feeling, everything about the song is amazing. Though there are many more romantic songs which I like but this will always be one of the best.

And it feels more special when you sing the first line on the phone to your loved one and she sings back the next one. <3

Geeky Fashion

Though I am not a kind of guy who surf internet for fashion but I came across these on a random website and boy did these catch my attention or what? If you love social networking or internet asa whole then these are for you. Wear what you love. These shoes are available for purchase for approximately $400. I was not able to locate where exactly you can buy these but I will update here if I ever find out.

Note: If you have an idea about where to get these, please share in the comments.