So I have finally finished my second chrome extension. This post might seem a little geeky. Actually, its all geeky stuff :P

I heard about this chrome extension which updates your Google+ stream with updates from your FB news feed. I like the idea a lot but before installing it I came to know that the extension was extracting sensitive data without permission of the user. A little heartbroken I wondered if there is something better on the internet. (Un)fortunately I was not able to find anything. Therefore I decided to make my own extension to do this :) and Voila, here I am with it.

So here is a quick look at what I developed. You install the chrome extension:

And then I opened google+ to make it work. ;)

Might not interest many but for the developer, its “AWESOME” :D

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  1. Rohan

    Dude share this with me asap please……

  2. Pallavi Aggarwal

    awesome!! congrats on its completion :)

  3. Hlo
    i have saying to love is the most importent on our life

  4. Pallavi Aggarwal

    kara lia domain register :)

  5. Urvashi

    This is so cool..
    Pleasssseeeee share this :D

  6. admin


    Google+ koi use hi nahi karta ab, ab kya karegi :P

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