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Hi Everyone

I’m writing after a long long time and like always I will try and keep writing regularly, though given my past writing habits, I don’t believe this myself either.

Anyways, I am writing today because I thought since I am married now, and many more friends of mine will be (have been) married too, I think this can be a nice time to discuss about the romantic things we do for our bf/gf or husband/wife. I’ll start by telling something that I started last year just before getting married (like 3-4) months and continued till our marriage.

What I did was quite simple but I am sure it make the other person feel really special and cared for. We were about to get married and each day before that was a special one, so each night, I would go home, and remember everything that happened between us and pick the most interesting or meaningful part of the day. With that moment in mind I used to search for a picture that described it nicely, and then on that picture I would write “For the times….” filling in with some words to describe it in short and sweet manner. Here is an example:

This was my first mail, we went for a long romantic drive and I made this.



There were also some days, when we had fights and did not talk to each other, but I never forgot to send what she called “Midnight Mails” :)



Here are few others she really liked:







I would really like to know something that you did for your loved one in the comments, maybe I can do the same to make my girlfriend (now wife) realize how madly I am in love with her.

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  1. Pallavi Rana

    super cute posts… :)

  2. bhavna

    yes…..very cute gesture indeed :)
    good going bro !

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