Mujhe maaf karna

After 1year and 10 days of being married, my wife decides that it has been long since she last visited her folks and that she will go and stay for like 4 days. Now after being married for just an year, a couple will always feel like stopping time then and there so that the two may not be apart for even a second. But after a 7 years of relationship (including 1 year of being married) I still felt the same. Right from the morning I was lost and you know that you are too lost when all you do is listen to slow songs (Meri Aashiqui tum hi ho, Mera mann, sun raha hai na tu and list goes on and on and on) and you just cannot snap out of it. Still I tried to make sure that since its equally hard for her too, I will try and stay strong and bid her a happy good bye.

And when she was boarding the train she was smiling and I thought well, this went well. No girly emotions from my side :P , but then she handed me a piece of paper with a beautiful poem written. When i started reading it I was outside looking at her through the glass window and it made me realized that its not just my love that kept on increasing over these 7 years, but it was mutual. It was beautiful to realize that with each passing day, these small gestures makes me feel like falling in love with her all over again.

Here is the poem she wrote:

Agar main hadh se guzar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Tere dil mein utar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Yun hi gussey mein aakar daant dena,
Toh meri aadat hai

Agar aisa main kar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Raaste mein tujhe dekh kar,
Tere deedar ke khatir

Pal bhar ke liye theher jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna.

Teri pal bhar ki judai,
Mujhe jeene nahi deti

Tere bin jo mar jaun,
Toh mujhe maaf karna. <3 <3

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  1. pallavi

    Dont forgett all the things u did and offers u gave me to stop me frm going :p

  2. Urvashi

    Awesome! :)
    romantic and heart touching <3

  3. admin

    Thank you UV and the poet :)

  4. Paras

    kya baat h itne senti kab se ho gye aap jiju